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  • A pilot’s proposal that’s out of this world

    It is not every day someone receives a proposal from outer space, but on Aug. 31, 2019, Capt. Stuart Shippee, a B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber pilot from the 393rd Bomb Squadron, used his piloting knowledge to take his marriage proposal to the next atmospheric level by using a weather balloon.The idea took form when Shippee saw others use weather
  • Career A-10 pilot gives tips on combating deployment stress

    Lt. Col. Todd Riddle, an A-10 Thunderbolt II pilot with more than 21 years of military service and five combat tours, is no stranger to deployment and the stress it brings. He broke away from his position as a Secretary of Defense executive fellow with Qualcomm Technologies in San Diego to help prepare fellow Airmen and their loved ones on the
  • Yellow Ribbon experience changes young minds

    Tech. Sgt. Lindsey R. Barnes’ two children started texting her 30 minutes into a youth session at a 2016 Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program training event, asking her when it would be over.“By the end of the weekend, when I had to leave earlier then the scheduled time, they were asking me to stay for at least one last activity,” said Barnes, NCO
  • Calls from Afghanistan

    For retired Lt. Gen. John Bradley, former commander of the Air Force Reserve Command and the 442nd Fighter Wing, Whiteman AFB, Mo., and his wife, Jan Bradley, a single deployment to Afghanistan was a life-changing event. In December 2007, John Bradley was about to go on his fourth deployment to Afghanistan. He said he heard about a volunteer effort
  • 442nd firefighters know the meaining of hot

    Out of sight, out of mind. That's how some of the firefighters of the 442nd Civil Engineer Squadron describe their 24-man team at Whiteman Air Force Base. But 15 of their members were anything but out of sight or out of mind during their 120-day tour of duty from September 2006 to January at Kirkuk Air Base, Iraq, in support of Operation Iraqi
  • Transporting history -- 442nd Troop Carrier Group passenger list a who's who in Nazi high command

    Of the thousands of aircraft passenger manifests scattered across Europe by the end of World War II, one holds particular significance to the brief but important role the 442nd Troop Carrier Group, now the 442nd Fighter Wing an Air Force Reserve Command unit here, played in the final chapter of destroying Nazi Germany. Early on the morning of