A&FR Programs

 Personal Work Life
Offers programs/services designed to enhance the individual's knowledge, skills, and abilities to anticipate and meet challenges throughout various stages of the military family life cycle. Services include: one-on-one assessment counseling, crisis intervention, information and referrals, track and trend data, design activities based on identified needs/strengths of the community

 Personal Financial Management Services
When families have personal financial difficulties or wish to be proactive and develop a family financial plan, the A&FRC is the place to go. Offers information, education, and personal counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness/stability and achieve their financial goals.

 Transition Assistance
The A&FRC is the focal point for transition assistance activities at the base level, providing retiring, separating, and demobilizing members/families information, skills, and knowledge needed for a successful transition to the civilian community.

 Employment/Career Support
Employment Assistance supports customers in achieving short-term and long-term employment, education/training, and career goals.

 Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2)
The Air Force is committed to providing the highest level of support to our combat-related wounded, ill and injured Airmen and their families. To fulfill this commitment, the AFW2 Program and the A&FRC work together to ensure professional, personalized care and assistance are provided in a timely and effective manner.

 Crisis Assistance/Intervention
A&FRCs do not provide therapy or long-term counseling; however, when facing a tough personal or family concern, the A&FRC is the place for customers to go. A&FRCs provide assistance in assessing and prioritizing their issues and customers receive appropriate referral and follow-up services.

Disaster Response
In the event of an evacuation, natural disaster, or any unexpected contingency, the Installation Commander may direct activation of an Emergency Family Assistance Center (EFAC) to serve as the focal point for victim and family assistance services. The EFAC serves as a staging area where families can obtain disaster relief, contingency information and services. The center's primary mission is to integrate services that will address the practical and emotional needs of individuals and Department of Defense personnel affect by a disaster.

 Your A&FRC is the place for leaders and families to go when they want to learn about resources and services available in your on/off base communities.

 Contact your 442nd A&FR Team @ 660-687-3530 or 442afr@us.af.mil


Preparing for Deployment

Update These 6 Legal Documents Before You Deploy


To say that preparing for a military deployment is stressful is a lot like saying Antarctica is cold. Most of your brain is probably dedicated to soaking up time with your loved ones and reviewing your military training, so it's understandable if you aren't as focused as you should be on nitty-gritty details like legal documents.

While ensuring your legal affairs are in order might not be a fun way to spend the weeks before your next deployment, it is one of those must dos.  


Which Legal Documents Do I Need to Update?

There are three must-have legal documents you need to update:

  • Power of attorney. This document names one person who has the authority to act on your behalf for any legal or economic issues while you're deployed. This should be someone you trust — like your spouse, parent or a close friend.
    Tip: Set up your power of attorney for the duration of your deployment plus an additional three months, just in case your deployment is extended.

  • Living will. A living will is also called an advance directive. This document details what medical treatments you do or do not want if you are unable to make decisions because of a serious injury or illness.
    Tip: Your living will also allows you to name a decision maker for your medical treatment, so make sure you take the time to discuss your wishes with whomever you choose.

  • Last will and testament. A will ensures that you decide what happens to your children, property and belongings in the event of your death and keeps court from making those important decisions. If you do not already have a will, you are strongly encouraged to prepare a will.
    Tip: Even if you already have a will, you should consider meeting with an attorney prior to your deployment to make sure you don't need to make any changes.

      Additional Legal Documents to Have on Hand

      While these documents may not need to be updated, it's still a good idea to put them in one place before your deployment so your family will be able to find them:

    • Marriage and family documents. Include any documents that provide legal proof of various life events: birth certificates, marriage certificate, divorce decrees or separation agreements, death certificates for deceased family members, naturalization or citizenship papers, court orders pertaining to support and custody of legal dependents, legal papers, adoption papers and social security cards.

    • Insurance policies. Include policies for life, homeowners, renters and automobile insurance.

    • Property documents. Include all documents related to your property: deeds, account number and contact information for your mortgage, any lease agreements you have, and any automotive titles or loan papers.

      The sooner you check these few updates off your to-do list, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your remaining time at home.


    Need to Talk? Military & Family Life Counselors are here to listen. MFLCs are available to help service members, spouses & children address issues such as deployment & reintegration, marriage & relationships, parenting, sibling & family issues, communication, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and daily loss issues. Free & Anonymous. No records are kept and PRP personnel are welcome. Call 660-631-7985 (adult) 660-631-9001 (youth).

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