Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve

In order to contact Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve, you may want to work through the ESGR committee appropriate to the state in which you work.

For Missouri, contact:
Missouri Committee for ESGR
Email:  wbrown@moesgr.com
Phone: (816) 988-7960

For Kansas, use the following link:
Kansas Committee for ESGR
Phone: (785) 646-0188

For Iowa, contact:
Iowa Committee for ESGR
Phone: (515) 331-5243

For Nebraska, contact:
Ned Holmes
ESGR Program Support Specialist
6929 mercy Rd
Omaha, NE 68106
Email:  ned.d.holmes.ctr@mail.mil
Phone: (402) 309-7906

For the National Committee of ESGR, use the following link:
ESGR National Committee