AFRC Top 3 has partnered with USAA to provide a military/family members with a scholarship that will provide funds to further his or her college education.  The scholarship amount will be $500.00 and will be awarded to 20 individuals in the form of a check from the AFRC Top 3 by 09 March 2020.



Rank of E-9 or below or immediate family member of E-9 and below (i.e., daughter, son, etc.)

Military member must be a current member of the Air Force Reserve, Air Force Reserve Command, or a family member of the above (ENLISTED ONLY)

Currently enrolled in an Associates (Non-CCAF), Bachelor, or Master’s degree program at a regionally accredited college or university during the upcoming semester or have Letter of Acceptance from Registrar’s Office from a regionally accredited college or university

Students with an earned master’s degree are NOT eligible to apply

Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above (within last 6 months)If new college student, must have last high school transcript

Must not have been a AFRC Top 3 Scholarship recipient in the last 12 months


Application Package Contents:

Application Form-- Must be filled in completely by the student (please ensure it is LEGIBLE)

Certification Form-- Ensure ALL signatures (wet or CAC signature acceptable) and dates are completed

Essay-- Ensure all guidelines/components are followed and met

  • Must be typed
  • Times New Roman Font, Size 12
  • No more than 1 inch margin on all sides
  • Must be no less than 1, but no more than 2 pages in length, double-spaced
    • Use the following topic as the subject for your essay: Educational goals and how you plan to use your education, once accomplished, to make a positive impact on your local community

 Unofficial Copies of Transcripts-- Must be current (within last 6 months)

 Must reflect an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above

If recent high school graduate, must include most recent high school transcript

 If new college student, must include current Letter of Acceptance from college or university (must have a starting semester indicated)


Document Submission Formatting (VERY IMPORTANT)

Application – PDF

Certification - PDF

Essay – Word Doc

Transcripts or Letter of Acceptance – PDF


**Failure to submit in these formats will result in package ineligibility**


Email Scholarship package to: 


 Receipt Verification:

 A proof of receipt email will be sent to applicant to verify receipt of their package

Application packages must be received no later than (9 March 2020)

All packages received AFTER (9 March 2020), will be returned to sender and will not be considered for a scholarship award


Additional Information:

 If additional information is needed, contact the following committee members:
 SMSgt Mark Aldrette (478-327-2023 or 415-500-5899)
 Or send email requests to the following address:


The AFRC Top 3 scholarship committee determines appropriate qualifications and the distribution of money, and will be the final determining body for awarded scholarships.  Funds shall be applied to tuition, books, and/or academic fees at a regionally accredited college or university for the (2020) academic year. 

 At the end of the school year, the scholarship winner will provide a letter of feedback to the Scholarship Committee stating their accomplishments for the year, to be sent to the abovementioned committee member.