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  • Hispanic Heritage Month - Celebrating History

     What is Hispanic Heritage Month?Across the United States, Hispanics celebrate their heritage each and every day through their food, music, shows, and more. Hispanics bring their one-of-a-kind perspective to different spaces, continuously redefining what America represents. September 15 marks the

  • How to Buy Back Military Time

    Eligible military service time can be added to a federal employee’s retirement date. This action is called a military deposit under the Federal Employee Retirement System, or better known as “buying back” military time.

  • Reserve effect from Social Security tax deferral

    A tax deferral is set to begin mid-September and, while we know it's happening, what does that mean for us Traditional Reservists here in the 442d Fighter Wing? To answer that question, it's important to understand what is affected by the tax deferral.As military members, we are subject to a social

  • 442d Logistics Readiness Squadron: Small but Mighty

    “I think when it comes to what our functions are in the LRS, a lot of folks don’t really understand what all we do or what we’re here to do,” said Chief Master Sgt. Shevaun McRoberts, the logistics supply manager and superintendent of the 442d Logistics Readiness Squadron here. “We support the

  • CATM: Training Combat-Ready Airmen

    Defenders with the 442d Security Forces Squadron attend a Combat Arms Training and Maintenance course, Aug. 11, 2020, at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo.