442d LRS, FSS deploy to RAF Mildenhall for training

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  • 442d Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Approximately 70 Airmen from the 442d Logistics Readiness Squadron and Force Support Squadron spent their annual tour at Royal Air Force Mildenhall, England, from May 15-31, 2022.

The two squadrons spread out across the base, integrating with their counterparts in the same career fields.  

The 442 LRS supply section assisted the 100 LRS in supply in their customer service, inventory/inspection, mobility readiness spares package, flight service center, and aircraft parts store. On day one, supply hit the ground running, launching into a mass forklift training session that got all of their members either qualified or refreshed.

The customer service section assisted in returning more than 200 M9 pistols from deployment, while the inventory/inspection team identified an erroneous listing of ballistic armor plates, effectively locating 3,000 un-accounted-for plates. The MRSP team helped to inventory six deployment kits and ensure all of the equipment returned that had been deployed.

The traffic management office processed more than 8,600 pieces of inbound and outbound cargo, training on international cargo processing and maintaining freight shipping records.

In addition to issuing approximately 50,000 gallons of JP8 aircraft fuel and gaining familiarity on refueling five new types of aircraft, the petroleum, oil, and lubricants flight completed phases one and two of the three-phase forward area refueling point training. Time and mission constraints prohibited completion of the third phase.

The ground transportation flight spent a lot of their time training on programs and procedures, but also learned about driving on the left-hand side of the road, on smaller roads than they’re used to, and operating a manual transmission with their left hand. They also spent a few hours learning how to recover stranded or rolled vehicles.

Vehicle maintenance assisted troubleshooting, repairing, and servicing vehicles as needed, including learning about 60k aircraft cargo loaders and 10k forklifts. Also, they took time to talk with the active-duty members about Reserve life and how to continue their service after leaving active duty.

“It is important for our AD members to integrate and train reservists,” said Lt. Col. Jessica Schneider, the 100th LRS commander, “so they understand the complete Total Force construct and it opens up their perspective on what the reserves are as it may be a career transition for our Airmen later on down the road.”

The logistics planning section received training on the new Commander’s Tool Kit online application and unit deployment manager procedures, and also helped the 100 LRS review their local Installation deployment Plan.

The 442 FSS sent a smaller contingent to RAF Mildenhall than the LRS. They, too, spread out and merged with their counterparts, assisting in the 100th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Commander Support Staff, Force Management, Assignments, Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, ID cards, Post Office, Formal Schools, Education Services, FSS Training, and Base Training offices, as well as the dining facility and fitness center.

FSS members both held and attended formal training sessions that helped to broaden their general career field knowledge. Working in active-duty offices, they assisted with personnel issues that aren’t common among reservists, and broadened their skillsets within their career fields.

When not working, the team participated in the 100 LRS 10k run and sports day.

"For being the first DFT we've had in years," said Capt. Mike Addis, the 442d troop commander, "this went really smoothly - mostly thanks to the fantastic support we received from the 100th."