442d Fighter Wing upgrades to M4 carbines

  • Published
  • By Mr. Clarence Valelo
  • 442d Fighter Wing

The M4 is more maneuverable, has better target accuracy, a collapsible butt stock, and a lighter frame than the M16. This transition is a major advancement in readiness and technology to the 442 LRS team.

“It’s great because now we can send our Airmen downrange with a weapon that’s more up to date.” said Senior Master Sgt. Shevaun McRoberts, the logistics supply manager for the 442 LRS. “It’s just a greater weapon all around,”

“It will help with morale, definitely” said Tech. Sgt. Asher Tuttle, the NCOIC of quality assurance for the 442 LRS.

To help with the transition, the LRS now has an automatic weapon cleaner that can clean two rifles at the same time. The machine is used to maintain the old weapons before they’re turned in to Combat Arms Training and Maintenance.

“It’s important that our old weapons are properly maintained so that once they are shipped out, someone will have an accessible weapon” said Staff Sgt. Sara Montgomery, a material management technician with the 442 LRS. “The new weapons cleaning system can clean two field stripped weapons at a time, using ultra sonic soundwaves to move the water and clean the weapon.”

The old cleaning method consisted of hand-cleaning each weapon, and would take 30 minutes to an hour per weapon, even if it was already clean beforehand. However, with the new machine, it would take up to 20 minutes, whilst cleaning two guns at the same time.

“It might not seem like a huge story, but it means a lot to the folks going downrange,” McRoberts said.