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  • Picnic perfection

    "Build it and they will come." Everyone knows that line from the movie "Field of Dreams", but "cook and they will come" was a fitting phrase for the 442nd Fighter Wing's Unit Training Assembly, Oct. 14. Almost 1,000 wing members and their families turned out on that day for the 2006 "Welcome Home

  • A-10s spend busy summer in Afghanistan

    Six U.S. and Coalition troops peer out from a remote position on a ridge top in Afghanistan. At sunset on the third day of their vigil, a large force of Taliban extremists carrying heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades surround and pin down the team. By design, an Air Force joint tactical

  • A-10 squadron at Bagram melds active duty, Reserve

    This summer's rotation of A-10 pilots here is almost a half-and-half mix of active duty from the 81st Fighter Squadron based at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, and Air Force Reservists from the 303rd FS at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo. Both sets of pilots have come together as a single team to employ

  • 442nd Maintenance officer honored at Bagram

     A maintenance officer deployed here from the 442nd Fighter Wing was named the top company grade officer for the month of July in the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing here. Capt. Jason Weiser, the officer in charge of the A-10 Aircraft Maintenance Unit, received the honor Aug. 1 during a promotion and

  • 'Ammo' Airmen arm Bagram's war fighters

    Bombs, bullets and explosives are hazardous to friend and foe alike but are handled with care by the men and women who work in the 455th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron’s Munitions Flight. Known as “ammo” troops, the Airmen of the munitions flight handle all of the bombs, ammunition, defensive