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  • Cell phone use while driving restricted on base

    If your cell phone rings while driving on base, you might want to think twice before answering, or the next sound you hear may be a patrol car siren. According to a new Department of Defense joint-motor-vehicle regulation that took effect in February, drivers are prohibited from using cell phones on installations unless it is a hands-free phone
  • AF Assistance Fund drive ends in April

    The 33rd Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF) drive ends April 29 for 442nd Fighter Wing members. The fund aids four organizations that provide assistance to Air Force retirees, as well as their spouses and family members. Staff Sergeant Talaya Hill, the wing AFAF project officer, said the wing hopes to raise $1,000 this year. “(The fund) is really
  • Officer works to establish scholarship fund

    You can’t turn back the clock. Second Lieutenant Terrell Eikner, however, is hoping to do just that by repeating with the 442nd Fighter Wing what he accomplished with the 917th Fighter Wing at Barksdale AFB, La., in 2002. Lieutenant Eikner, 442nd Maintenance Squadron, is working to establish an annual $500 scholarship to assist enlisted wing
  • Wing heritage easier to access

    The first “histories” of our wing were little more than well constructed photo journals divided by group and squadron functions. Surprisingly, there is little content in these early publications that cover the Normandy invasion, however, there are several photos depicting the unit’s role in the ill-fated Anglo-American-planned and executed
  • Good to the last drop: LRS fuels keep A-10s flying

    While the “good to the last drop” phrase comes from a tag line for an old coffee commercial, the 442nd Logistics Readiness Fuels section “Hosers” strive to make their liquid products meet or exceed the same criteria.It’s one thing to have a bad cup of coffee, quite another if you’re flying a jet with bad fuel. “There’s a lot more to this job than
  • Meeting the challenge of BRAC: 442nd works hard to integrate people, aircraft

    While the base realignment and closure process benefited the 442nd Fighter Wing with nine additional aircraft and an estimated 185 to 200 new jobs, the assimilation of these new assets comes at a very busy time for the wing. With preparations underway for a deployment, modifications to A-10 Thunderbolts in progress and at least two inspections on
  • Shields reflect varying missions of 442nd

    While researching the 442nd Fighter Wing’s history on the Air Force Historical Research Agency’s (AFHRA) Web site there exists an article titled A Guide to Air Force Heraldry, written by William M. Russell of the United States Air Force Historical Research Center and revised by Julian C. Godwin of AFHRA. The subject of the study was how the
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