442d Logistics Readiness Squadron improves chemical protective equipment storage and issue.

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Bob Jennings
  • 442d Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The 442d Logistics Readiness Squadron’s supply section unveiled a revamped system for storing the wing’s chemical protective equipment June 11, 2021, in their warehouse here.

While issuing gear in the run-up to the phase II readiness exercise the wing participated in over the June unit training assembly, the LRS noticed some inefficiencies in the way the gear was stored and distributed, and resolved to fix it.

Rather than storing everything in large bins, as was the old way, each unit is assigned a section of shelving where each bag is stored separately. The location of the bag is then recorded so it can be easily retrieved when the Airman comes to check it back out.

Master Sgt. Fradon Martin, a supply senior non-commissioned officer with the 442 LRS, said the new turn-in process gives them more accountability over the assets they have, and will ease the check-out process when it’s time to do the next exercise.

“We’re working on making it as seamless and easy as possible for our customers,” said Master Sgt. Sara Montgomery, another 442 LRS supply SNCO.

Montgomery said one of the things that makes her team so great is that it’s mainly comprised of newer Airmen who don’t have set-in-stone ideas of how things “should” be, which lends itself to innovation. 

“These guys are on it,” she said. “They come here with such a positive attitude!”

Now that everything is organized, the next step in the on-going improvement process is to contact Air Force Reserve Command to replenish stocks of items they ran out of before the exercise.