Getting Innovation Right

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The renewed prominence of innovation as a solution raises many challenges. What does it mean to get innovation right? Can major powers “out-innovate” their rivals? Bureaucracies traditionally struggle with innovation, so how can new mindsets, partnerships, and processes be initiated and implemented? The Center for Global Security Research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory hosted a workshop to better understand the relationship between defense strategy and emerging innovation. The goal was to uncover processes, whether public, private, or collaborative, that could foster innovation to bolster national security, as well as identify which practices impede developments necessary to outcompete adversaries.

This workshop brought together participants from across the policy, military, and technical communities. Sixty-three participants addressed topics concerning U.S. innovation strategy and interdepartmental initiatives, adversaries and innovation, drivers of technological strategy, private–public collaboration, and ally innovation—and in particular, to consider the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration contributions to the larger context. The conversation included obstacles to effective innovative policy and how any long-term strategy must adjust accordingly to ensure innovative. READ MORE>>>