Faces of the 442d Fighter Wing: Meet Staff Sgt. Christopher Rousseau

  • Published
  • By Mr. Clarence Valelo
  • 442d Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Meet Staff Sgt. Christopher Rousseau, a supply management specialist for the 442d Logistics Readiness Squadron.


442d Public Affairs: “What do you do here for the 442d?”

Staff Sgt. Christopher Rousseau: “I work for customer service here at LRS, I issue and maintain inventory, and all things that come through here.”


PA: “What do you like most about your job?”

R: “Just the interaction with the other individuals on base and getting to put faces to names, also just getting to talk to them and getting to know them. I would kind of consider myself as a people person.”


PA: What would you say is your biggest drive in being in the Air Force?”

R: “Well of course the education, benefits, and bettering myself, but serving my country is the biggest driving factor in all of this.”


PA: “What is your story? What brought you where you are today?”

R: “I was born and raised by my mother by herself in Elkheart, Indiana. I went through school, graduated, and there was no money for college so my mom gave me an ultimatum kind of and said, 'Hey, either go to the military or you go pay for yourself.' I chose the military and ever since I never looked back. I was kind of a rowdy child growing up so a little bit of discipline helped a long way.”


PA: “Do you have any family in the military?”

R: “ My grandfather was a staff sergeant in the military, my cousin just got out as staff as well and now I am the only one that’s really left in the military.”                  


PA: “Do you have any plans after all of this?”

R: “I plan on staying in until retirement, or even farther depending on the situation at the time. After that, probably just find a good paying job, settle down and have family, white picket fence kind of deal.”