Faces of the 442d Fighter Wing: Meet Senior Airman Tabitha Awoniyi

  • Published
  • By Mr. Clarence Valelo
  • 442d Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Meet Senior Airman Tabitha Awoniyi, a personnel specialist for the 442d Military Personnel Flight, who just finished tech school and is finishing up her last day of Seasoning Training Program for the office.


442d Fighter Wing Public Affairs: “What is work like for you here?”

Senior Airman Tabitha Awoniyi: “I do a little bit of everything for right now, I started off making ID cards, and now I am in career development working on promotions and demotions. I also work with people in processing and out-processing, or transferring to new units.”


PA: “So today is your last day for the office?’

A: “Yes, I will be back here in August, this is my last day in STP and it has given me an opportunity to work on my CDC’s which helped me get my training like promoting and things like that. It’s been a good time to just get to know everybody that I will be working with, and to get hands on training for my job.”


PA: “What was your inspiration in joining the Air Force?”

A: “I just really wanted to serve, I am originally from Nigeria so I have kind of seen both ends of the spectrum of having nothing, and then now coming to America and having all of this at my fingertips. I just really wanted to give back to the community and do international work, which is funny because I am in personnel so I just sit at a desk all day, but I am hoping to help the people that do get to travel and go to different countries and do that humanitarian work. My main drive was to help and do anything that I can to help support the mission.”


PA: “What are your plans?”

A: “I currently go to the journalism school at Mizzou, I started doing broadcasting then figured out that I am more of a Public Relations type of person, so I am doing that right now. I haven’t really decided on my plans for after school, and the most interesting part of joining the Air Force are all of the different opportunities that I did not know about. There are so many different paths I can take, hopefully down the line I can do Public Affairs but we will see, I am kind of up for anything right now.”