Every Airman is a Recruiter

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Share Your Adventure encourages Reserve Citizen Airmen to do just that—share their personal experiences with their peers. Like many organizations searching for new talent, the Air Force Reserve relies on peer referrals to help recruiters gather quality leads.

“People are compelled by individual testimonies,” said Chief Master Sgt. Michael Johnson, the chief total force and strategic marketing at the Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service. “When they hear a peer sharing amazing stories and benefits about the Air Force Reserve, they can imagine themselves having those same opportunities. Share Your Adventure allows Reservists to help friends, family and coworkers achieve success.”

Each story, conversation, or photo a member shares with people in their social circle could have a significant impact on someone. The current member can connect that person interested in becoming a Reserve Citizen Airman with a recruiter by inputting the person’s information into the Share Your Adventure program via website or smartphone app.

“It is physically impossible to reach every individual considering military service,” said Master Sgt. Kent Kagarise, a 442d Fighter Wing recruiter. “When current wing members share their stories with their local area it creates awareness that the Air Force Reserve is an option for folks desiring a part-time career in the military.”

Kagarise’s recruiting zone stretches from southern Iowa to the Arkansas border, so he said he relies on others to use this referral tool to help reach more people.

“The biggest difference with the Reserve, compared to active duty, is Reserve members have the ability to hire locally,” said Master Sgt. Cody Newsom, the 442 FW in-service recruiter. “We can pick and choose who we wish to serve within the 442d.”

Members who refer a peer not only get the chance to contribute to the talent coming in but the member can choose from a variety of prizes as another incentive to use the program. The prizes range from t-shirts to drones.

Share Your Adventure replaces the Get1Now campaign, but if you currently have the Get1Now app on your phone, it will still work with the relaunch.

Members can download the app from the Apple Store, or Google Play Store, by searching for “Share Your Adventure Peer Referral Program.”

For more information go to https://shareyouradventure.us.

(This article uses information from Share Your Adventure: help the Reserve team grow through testimony by Master Sgt. Chance Babin)