AFRC names 442 FW members on Key Personnel List

  • Published
  • By Mr. Clarence Valelo
  • 442d Fighter Wing
The Air Force Reserve Command select eight Airmen from the 442d Fighter Wing for the 2019 Enlisted Key Personnel List.

Senior Master Sgt. Mike Conard, 442d Maintenance Squadron first sergeant, and Chief Master Sgt. Cesar Ortiz, 442d Force Support Squadron superintendent, are two of the eight from the wing picked by AFRC.

“The KPL is a yearly review of every senior enlisted leader and a filtering process of which individuals are best suited for advanced or higher positions,” said Conard.

When applying, the member will then bring attention to his or her career highlights, goals, expectations, and what he or she is willing and not willing to do for career advancement.

The Enlistment Development Plan is a tool to communicate military, civilian, and personal career goals, accomplishments, life events, and experience.

“The EDP is a living document unlike the other documents within it that’s a one-time deal like a decoration application, or an Enlisted Evaluation Report,” Ortiz said. “The EDP does not go away. What you will notice when you start filling it out is that it does expand over time, so what you may have put in for 2013 will remain in there for 2014 and so on. It builds upon itself so they can see how your careers progressed over the years.”

Ortiz looks at himself as being average and ordinary looking as anybody else.

“It’s an honor, I think there are a lot of good members out there,” Ortiz said as he reflects on being picked. "Presence on the list or not, doesn’t necessarily elevate one person over another. Where they are in their career makes them mobile with what they have accomplished so far. It is an honor to be selected nonetheless.”

“Being chosen is an honor because every Senior Master Sergeant and Chief Master Sergeant in AFRC is looked at, the fact that I was selected in this round is a testament to what I have put forth in the last 27 and a half years, I am flattered and honored at the same time,” said Conard.

“Always put yourself out there, look at any career broadening potentials, and last but not least is to always take care of your people,” said Conard, giving advice to any SNCO’s looking to land on next years list.

“Complete the development plan when the calls go out, getting that accomplished is the biggest step,” Ortiz said. “Take charge of your own career, do those things in the education arena to enhance yourself. When filling out your goals and aspirations, tell it like it is, give the readers an honest picture of who you are as a person.”

The complete Key Personnel List of Airmen from the 442d are as follows:

CMSgt Randy Bowen
CMSgt Lisa Furgeson
CMSgt Cesar Ortiz
SMSgt Leo Brown
SMSgt Mike Conard
SMSgt Paul Kempton
SMSgt Eric Orndoff
SMSgt Brian Rohlman